When you own a home, you can do remodelling without needing permission from someone else. It means you can follow the latest house renovation trends and make your home comfortable and enjoyable.

Your home is where you can relax, work, spend time with loved ones, and play with your pets without anyone else telling you what to do. Improvements to your home can make it easier to use, more comfortable to live in, or look better (and sometimes all three!). It can give you a sense of satisfaction in the short-term while also increasing the value of your home in the long term.

If you’re thinking about home remodeling in 2023, Full Spectrum Construction will help you in it.

If you’re planning to renovate your home in 2023 or just considering it, look at our top ten house renovation trends below. Don’t worry about these trends going out of style by the end of the year because home design trends change more slowly than fashion trends. We’ve included many popular trends before 2023, and they will likely stay trendy for years to come.


Top 10 2023 Home Remodeling Trends

Below are some home remodeling trends to follow in 2023.

  • Ending Kitchen Segregation

In the past, when people renovated old homes, they usually kept the kitchen separate from the living area. It might have been because cooking can make smells or heat.

Nowadays, cooking is often seen as a fun hobby instead of a chore, & people are breaking down the walls between the kitchen and living room to create an open space. In recent years, many people renovating their homes have chosen to have open kitchens. It means that the kitchen is not separated from the rest of the living area, making the space feel bigger, even in small homes. It also makes it easier to move around and go from one area to another.

  • Taking It Outside with Home Remodeling 

Nowadays, people are upgrading their outdoor cooking equipment. Instead of just a basic grill on the patio, they’re adding more advanced things like fire pits, smokers, pizza ovens, and turkey fryers. Some people even bring their kitchen outside, complete with fridges, sinks, counters, & storage for all their cooking stuff. Choose Full Spectrum Construction as your general contractor. We are providing you services for outdoor renovations as well.

  • Going Eclectic

A popular trend for people renovating their homes this year is to mix and match different styles, especially old and new things. For example, a modern bathroom sink made of shiny glass & steel might be placed next to an old-fashioned clawfoot bathtub.. Nowadays, people use new and old materials to build their homes. They’re even using materials made from recycled stuff along with old wood from barns. It is the best way to save money when renovating homes, but some old materials are very popular and expensive.

  • Saying Bye, Bye Bathtub

The traditional tub and shower combination commonly seen in American bathrooms is becoming less popular. Many people are now removing the tub completely and replacing it with a spacious walk-in shower that has a glass door. However, it may cost more money to remove the tub and replace it with certain types of tiling.

Full Spectrum Construction provides you services to change your bathtub into a relaxing spa or glass door shower.

  • Lightening Things Up

People prefer light-colored floors over dark ones. Instead of dark wood, they’re going for gray, white, or washed-wood finishes. Besides, some people even choose light-colored stone or porcelain tiles for their rooms other than the bathroom & kitchen. If you want to save money on home remodeling, you can use light vinyl tiles as an alternative.

  • Bold and Beautiful Home Renovations

Pastel colors and the plain industrial look are not trendy anymore. Nowadays, people use many bright and lively colors in their home decor. They’re not just using them as accents but also for big things like furniture, appliances, and walls. In furniture, cobalt blue is a popular color, and orange is also trendy.

  • Coloring It Green

Houses that are kind to the environment are popular and make financial sense. By installing solar panels, geothermal pumps, or smart appliances, you can save money on your energy bills and might even get a tax deduction.

  • Health and Environment 

Nowadays, homeowners are thinking more about their health and the environment. They are changing their homes to promote wellness, such as adding special lights, filters to remove chemicals from the water, and systems to purify the air.

  • Smart Technologies or Electronic Devices 

In today’s world, people use many electronic devices like phones, game consoles, laptops, iPods, iPads & Kindles. So, many people who renovate their homes want to add more electrical outlets. They prefer new wall sockets that have USB ports to charge their devices. In kitchen design, people prefer smart appliances like ovens, refrigerators and many more.

  • Home Remodeling for Accessibility

Homeowners are starting to think ahead and plan for the future. They want to be ready for situations where someone in their family might have difficulty moving around. So, when they renovate their homes, they add features to make them more accessible. For example, they may replace outdoor staircases with ramps or install motion-activated sinks and lights.



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